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  • Sue Smith Romero

They Came from Camden

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Three volunteers helped make our recent food giveaway a success.

Emilia Harring, Jessica Perusse, and Emma Watson kept things moving quickly at our recent food giveaway.

Three dedicated young women poured their time and energy into making our July 30 giveaway run smoothly. Emilia Harring, Jessica Perusse, and Emma Watson, members of Abundant Life Community Church in Camden, spent more than three hours lifting heavy boxes of food into the steady stream of trunks and back seats as cars rolled through the drive-up line. Nobody had to wait for long as the three kept things moving quickly.

“I just like helping people,” Emilia said.

We’re always looking for volunteers to help out at the pantry and our food giveaways. If you or your group would like to get involved too, please visit our Volunteer Page to find out how.

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